Successful Entrepreneurs with Online Businesses

Internet entrepreneurs can benefit from extra motivation and inspiration. All of us can learn by following certain successful people. Learning from their business experience can help you begin an entrepreneurial journey of your own.

These a list of a few entrepreneurs with online businesses you’ll surely gain a lot from, particularly if you’re interested in growing or starting your online business.

Fumiko Takatsu

As the creator of the Face Yoga Method, Fumiko -a face yoga expert with more than 30 years experience- began her site to help individuals feel comfortable with how they look and increase their confidence offering double chin exercises, tips on how to lose cheek fat and even homemade remedies. She also offers several resources from ebooks and videos to online training prograns to teach all you need to know about facial exercises, a revolutionary workout program I must say. Her most popular poses are the mini face lift, double chin exercises, how to get a symmetrical face and much more.

Dom Wells

Dom Wells gives guidance to entrepreneurs willing to start making money online but don’t know where to start. Through his training, you’ll surely learn ways of starting a website in your niche. His training includes information on how to conduct niche research and monetization, and in my opinion, it’s a great way to start, also having the opportunity to learn from his case studies.

Tim Seidler

Tim Seidler is surely an internet entrepreneur to follow for anyone looking to start an online business. He talks about his past experiences, showing that being an entrepreneurs has it’s pros and cons and shares that on his website. His online business is growing and he’s recently sold a few websites for 6 figures.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff Taylor is the CEO of Devise, a site that creates and sells websites to clients. He previously began the site with his partner Evan Lisabeth as a web design firm. Since then, their hard work made their online business grow. He stresses on the importance of taking immediate action as a key to creating any successful online business.

Now you may be wondering how they built their online businesses. Many successful online entrepreneurs will emphasize on taking action immediately tied up with hard work. In addition to these, if you’re looking to creating an online business, you’ll need to make sure you have a site that’s search engine friendly to be able to drive traffic and increase sales. But I’m sure you can learn a lot from my suggested entreprenuers, and I suggest you take some time to read about what they have to say.

Video Ads And Online Advertising Tips Small Businesses Should Use

Coming up with the best small business online advertising ideas can make a big difference for the bottom line even without a big budget. PPC marketing is one of the most powerful ways of driving traffic and increasing conversion rates, but experience is necessary to ensure adequate skills for effective management of text ads, display ads or video ads to achieve the desired results. Google AdWords is the most popular PPC platform, but today you can’t ignore the growing potential of Microsoft and Bing AdCenter as well as Facebook Ads among other platforms.

Below are some of the tips that can help small business owners make the best out of their online advertising campaigns:

Properly target your ads

Targeting ads only to the most relevant audience is one the most effective ways of optimizing results for any given amount of budget. Choose as many parameters as the PPC ads platform allows in regard to the topics, interests and demographics of the audience you would like to reach. Narrowly targeting your advertising campaigns for a local market can significantly minimize your budget and still deliver great results.

Exclude irrelevant traffic

Exclusions are made possible by specifying any negative targets so that your ads do not have to run on certain sites that attract audiences not suitable for your campaign. Irrelevant traffic should not add to the cost you end up incurring in advertising, so at least when you have a tight budget cannot afford to skip this step.

Add video to your PPC ads

YouTube being the third most visited site and the 2nd largest search engine after Google itself presents one of the greatest opportunities for advertisers to reach massive audiences. You therefore should consider the site for video ads because they can do very well if properly targeted. This will be much easier for you if you already have a YouTube channel and enough assets in terms of existing videos you would like to get larger audience. Your video ads campaign will be charged based on engagement determined by the length of time viewers will watch. Charges apply only after videos are watched for more than 30 seconds or to the end for videos less than 30 seconds. Facebook video ads are also popular nowadays as they promise even more views than Youtube videos. These are also very easy to set up and newbies may even want to take advantage of 3 zero club from Chris Record, one of the cheapest training courses that helps make viral videos for as little as $0.0001 per Facebook video view.


Small businesses that make great PPC and online video advertising choices can significantly lower costs and expect great ROI. Note that video ads are excellent for showcasing products than display and text ads. You might think they should cost more, but sometimes they can even cost 90% less per click compared to paid search ads. So the rationale for using video ads is a no-brainer, while products like 3 zero club supercharge the ads and significantly increase ROI.


Online Video Advertising Marketing Agency – Jyllion


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Video marketing is one of the latest trends to promote a business and help it to grow – and the trend is only going to increase in speed and strength. All companies large and small should think about video marketing as a part of their future campaigns – video content is shared more than all other types of online content so if you get it right it will soon be spreading your message across the world. To put it simply, if you don’t use video marketing you are getting left behind.

Don’t be tempted to make long videos which go on . . . and on . . . and on.

Instagram has proved that this is entirely unnecessary – short 15 second bursts of quality video content can get the message across effectively and easily. This type of video is so easy to share.
When you are planning your video marketing campaign and speaking with a video marketing company there are a few things to bear in mind:

* Rather just one stand alone video think about making a series to get your message across – keep your clients wanting more

* Speak to your customers and ask them what things they would find most useful in your video content

* Keep an eye on your viewer stats regularly

* Don’t rush into things – take it slowly and get it right

And a few things to avoid:

* Auto play video on the landing page of a website can be extremely annoying and a big turn off – so don’t do it

* Only use your real boss if he is an on-screen natural – even if you are the boss

* Don’t drone on and on and on . . . keep it snappy and to the point

Video marketing companies really can help your business to thrive.

See what Wikipedia has to say about video advertising

Online to Store: Online Advertising Drives Offline Sales


Data shows that online ads have value beyond immediate conversions. ‘Online to Store’ experiments help advertisers uncover the effect online advertising has on offline sales. In these controlled studies, Google partners with clients and vendors to test in-store sales lift, return on ad spend and other ad metrics. This video highlights a sample of findings that prove in-store sales for promoted products and categories and the halo effect this can have on general in-store sales.

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